Dear colleagues,

There is, in front of you, a new online journal in the field of emergency medicine. I hope that it will survive the common childhood diseases that go together with every new venture and that it will be constantly present in our virtual world in the future.

It  will  be  probably  accompanied by all the difficulties that accompany the very specialization in emergency  medicine. Emergency medicine specialists don’t have their own clearly defined "establishment  position", neither have they got the rounded flow from specialists to university degrees, also, the programs of emergency specialization are not uniform and, unfortunately, that is not all.

Even the term “emergency medicine” itself is debatable. It is often asked: "Is it a unique discipline or a set of emergency situations". Using medical terms: “Is it a separate entity or a group of syndromes?” Nevertheless, Emergency  Medicine  is  a  vital  part of the health system which has to be available to everyone, everywhere and at all times.

The mission of this magazine is to address issues that are of importance for emergency medicine. The problems in research in emergency medicine vary from ethical through practical, down to our own subjective problems. The fact is thatonly few of us publish our work results, we believe that our results speak for themselves.

There are no small or big issues. Every issue of emergency medicine which throws some light on any problem in emergency medicine and which is properly methodologically treated is significant. So, I would like to ask you to write about anything that makes problems or causes dilemmas in your everyday work. Everything can be interesting and useful, not only pathology and treatment, but also how late we are with the intervention on the site, how long the patients are kept waiting in the doctor's office for help, how we manage to cope in the emergency situations and what we do in the absence of personnel and equipment, what our personal mental state is like (don’t forgetthat our practice is one of the most stressful), write about how you perceive our future or how you understand our past.

The very name of the journal “South East European Journal of Emergency and Disaster Medicine”, determines its extensiveness and openness to all those who deal with urgent medicine not only in our country but also abroad. Our problems are similar although the models of organization can be very divers. We will try, by good communication and the exchange of experience, to direct the systemof

emergency medicine in the best possible direction.

So, please, write and publish. The life and the duration of the journal depend entirely on us.

I wish you a happy breakthrough into the world of emergency medicine out of the Gutenberg



Dusan Gostović, MD

Issue 2015-1 / article 1


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