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ISSN 2466-2992 (Online) (2015) br.1, p.22-29

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Aleksandar Pavlović, Slađana Trpković, Nebojša Videnović, Ljiljana Šulović

Medical Faculty Priština (based in Kosovska Mitrovica), Serbia


Medical simulation is an artificial and faithful representation of real clinical situations using static and interactive manikin simulators, standardized patients/actors, task trainers, screen-based (computer) simulations and ‘serious’ gaming of real clinical situations. It is a powerfull learning tool that helpsstudents and healthcare professionalsachieve higher levels of competence and safer care. Medical simulation is one of the biggest and most important innovations of the past 15 years in medical education. The goal of the simulation is to provide an optimal balance between education andpatient safety. It is used in undergraduate and postgraduate studies as well asin continuing medical education. The simulators included in medical education are divided into six groups, ranging from the paper and pencil to the most modern computerized interactive simulators. Depending on the economic development, level and organization of healthcare,high fidelity medical simulation can be performed in three ways: in a Center for Medical Simulation, Simulation "in situ" and Simulation at a distance (remote-facilitated simulation). Our Center for Medical Simulation at the School of Medicine Priština, Kosovska Mitrovica is described in this article. Our achievements are a small contribution in the development of Medical Simulation in our country. We have shown that it is possible to reach satisfactory results with limited resources. Our further plans are to improve medical simulationin our conditions and to establish a connection with the developed Centers for Medical Simulation in Europe and worldwide.


Prof. dr Aleksandar PAVLOVIĆ

Medical Faculty Priština (based in Kosovska Mitrovica), Serbia

E mail: leonidas@ptt.rs

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