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Dear colleagues, dear friends,

The first International Congress of the Serbian Society of Emergency Physicians (SSEP) was held on July 5, 2015 in Nis, in the premises of the Medical Faculty in Nis. The congress was attended by more than 200 doctors and nurses / technicians from the country and abroad, which is a great success - both for the organizers and for the participants.

The motto of the congress was "New guidelines 2015 - To meet the challenge" with the idea that all participants be introduced to the new guidelines for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) published on October 15, 2015 by the European Resuscitation Counsil (ERC) and the American Heart Association. AHA)), but also to emphasize the importance of constant learning, progress and harmonization of their work with modern medical trends. The goals of the congress were aimed at getting to know new, modern forms of education in emergency medicine-simulation medicine. This is of great importance due to ethical and technological barriers in education, training and retraining of emergency skills and procedures. In addition to the presentation of simulation centers in Slovenia, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we had the opportunity to hear the presentation of the simulation center that operates within the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina (located in Kosovska Mitrovica). The congress was attended by, among other distinguished guests and lecturers, prof. Dr. Roberta Petrino, Director of the Executive Board of the European Society of Emergency Medicine (EuSEM), the European Association of Emergency Medicine, of which we became a proud member in March 2015. In her presentation, she explained the goals, law and manner of work of this association, and pointed out and praised the enthusiasm of the Association of Emergency Physicians of Serbia.

The theoretical part of the congress was held in sessions: cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency cardiology, emergency pulmonology and pediatrics, emergency neuropsychiatry and orthopedics.

The experience and importance of the lecture by invitation were a good invitation to the participants, and the attendance of the session was above expectations. That is how we saw, quoting the witty statement of our colleague "how far we are from the world, what we can do now, what we need time for and what we need a lot of time for". Newspaper at domestic congresses - Hot topic of the lecture (Dr. Katrin Hruska, President of the Swedish Society for Emergency Medicine) entitled "Chaining patients who make culture, doctors and administrators accept the specialty of emergency medicine" (or, as psychologists would say - how the subject forms the object) , extremely inspiring, brought a different way of thinking on the working staff of the emergency medicine unit in the field and in the inpatient emergency medicine units.

43 ePosters were presented at the congress. ePoster is a novelty in the exhibition of works in Serbia. It has been generally the practice so far that the main part of the program and the greatest interest of the audience is occupied by oral presentations of works, while poster presentations were "unseen". Also, a lot of attention was distracted by the technical skill of the author of the poster, which used to be the deciding factor in the evaluation. ePoster is a way of displaying posters where the essence and quality of the work itself comes to the fore. The pre-prepared background (template) of the ePoster allows reading to focus on the content of the paper and not on the formula, which is the essence of the same presentation. The first three awards, according to the Scientific Board and the audience, were given to the following ePosters:

- Emergency medical care at the Sea Dance Festival 2015, (R.Furtula, S.Stefanović, M.Šaponjić, B.Stojanović, V.Đurašković),

- Cervico-medical hematoma, compression of danger to the patient's life (B. Olujić, Z. Lončar, S. Pajić, P. Savić, D. Jovanović, G. Kaljević, T. Boljević, M. Mrvaljević, M. Đorđević, M. Bozinovic, Z. Pesic, I. Nikolic, M. Jokic),

- Review of cases of caring for a traumatized patient (M. Janković, S. Gopić, T. Masoničić, Lj. Cvetković).

The authors of the awarded ePosters received a tablet computer as a gift, a gift from a gold sponsor (International Center for Excellence in Emergency Medicine)

The ambulance teams - two from Nis and one from Krusevac - also applied their knowledge, dexterity and augmentation of the team in caring for a polytraumatized patient. The competition involves taking care of the patient according to the rules of PHTLS. The Nis ambulance team won. All participants received a book - a gift from Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Pavlović CARDIOPULMONAL CEREBRAL RESUSCITATION, while the first prize team also received the book PHTLS, a gift from the company PHTLS Serbia.

We hope that the Second International Congress of the Association of Emergency Physicians of Serbia will continue the thread of good topics, exceptional foreign and domestic lecturers and good company.

See you soon in Nis,

Warm and collegial greetings


Dušan Gostović, MD

South East European Journal of

Emergency and Disaster Medicine


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